Know Your Philosophy

Your philosophy controls your life. Knowing your philosophy puts you in control.
Welcome to “The Practical Philosopher.” Yes, philosophy is practical, and you have a philosophy of life. Creating greater awareness of that philosophy will enhance your life. The way to do that is through questions, because questions are at the heart of all our learning.
Where do you start ? You start with a question. To resolve the question you start with an inquiry.
Inquiry is the key to developing an increased awareness of your personal philosophy. Every inquiry begins with a doubt that we have about something in our lives. The doubt shows up as a question. Any doubt feels uncomfortable, and we are nudged to resolve the doubt. The deeper and more profound the doubt, the more extensive the question that the doubt raises for us. We are driven to pursue the question the doubt raises until we have a satisfactory resolution of the doubt. Be wary of resolving the doubt too soon, for our philosophy is often hidden from us, and not easy to uncover.


About The Practical Philosopher

I am a retired Philosophy professor. I taught philosophy for 43 years, and I would like to share some of what I have found pursuing the fascinating journey of philosophy.
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