Life is Empty and Meaningless, How Exciting is That!

If we look at life and the world  honestly and closely apart from our desires, wants, interests and biases what we recognize is that the world about us just is what it is. If we separate ourselves from our thoughts about what it should be or could be or might be or what we want it to be, we start to realize it is just what it is.

And what is that? What is what is? In that space of neutral looking , what we start to realize is that the world isn’t good or bad, right or wrong, valuable or not valuable, pleasant or unpleasant, or helpful or hurtful. It simply is what it is. It is this flowing, ever changing flux of flowing ever changing  flux, a tautological cipher. Or to say it in other words,  it is empty and meaningless.  Again, all we can say at this level of awareness is that it simply is what it is, which is nothing at all, but ongoing flux and change.

Where does this vast emptiness and meaninglessness leave us? It leaves us just where we are, wherever that happens to be,  just as the world is what it is, we are what we are. Before you leave me in despair and hopelessnes, think of emptiness in terms of  a bowl. When the bowl is full of something, anything, it is useless for anything else. To put something else in the bowl, you must first empty the bowl, and when it is empty you can put whatever you want in the bowl as long as it is something that will fit in the bowl. Reality has limits after all.

How powerful and exciting then is emptiness, for emptiness is open to any kind of filler. So too our meaningless, empty world is open to any kind of filler. Emptiness is the highest form of possibility. Meaninglessness holds the broadest, deepest range of potential meaning.

Think specifically of your life. If you think about your past and have all that past stuff dumped  in your future to be, you have effectively shor circuited all the possiblity in your life. If, on the other hand,  you take all that past cluttering up your future, and put it in the past, the future then is empty and open to an enormous panorama of possibilities.

Truly, to realize and accept the complete emptiness, the complete quality of being unknown of what is yet to come, opens up your future. Once your past is in the past, it becomes a resource rather than a liability, a guide rather than a roadblock, a source of deeply valuable information to avoid mistakes in the future. In short, it gives you the present in its richest, deepest, most intense and exciting form, ie, a present that is supremely workable and rich with all sorts of wonderful directions to pursue according to your desires and interests. It gives you the option to create your future.Are you ready and willing to have an empty future?  How exciting is that!

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About The Practical Philosopher

I am a retired Philosophy professor. I taught philosophy for 43 years, and I would like to share some of what I have found pursuing the fascinating journey of philosophy.
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